Biblical Family Conference in the Casiquiare River – October 2015

Today started a new trip to the jungle in the Venezuelan Amazonia that will take Maracucho and his three companions from the IFCHC from Caracas to the border between Venezuela, Brazil and Colombia.

From October 3rd to 6th they will be teaching in the “Biblical Family Conference” in the Casiquiare River, Río Negro, with churches from different villages of the area of the Curripaco tribe. They will be taught what God says in His Word about families and what He expects from all of us.

Map of the area –

maroa rio negro

The team left today at 6am in the morning. The trip is being rough since the beginning! The engine in their boat stopped in the middle of the Orinoco River and they had to get to the shore and wait for another boat to take them to the first stop (Atabapo). Thank God they arrived safe and sound and have already left to their next stop: Yavita. From there, they will be headed to Maroa and will arrive to Niñal de Casiquiare on Saturday afternoon.

Missionary Team –

Conferencia de la familia 1(Lilomar Acosta, Maracucho, Jorge Aldana, José Luis Aponte)

Maracucho and Jorge Aldana will be in charge of the principal services (morning – afternoon – evening) and Lilomar Acosta and José Luis Aponte will be hosting the youth services. They will also have the opportunity to reach unbelievers who will be joining the Conference as well-

Once the Conference is finished, they will spend some days in a village called Sabanita de Pintao to encourage and have fellowship with the pastor Dionisio Camico and to help him teach his church. They must he coming back to Puerto Ayacucho October 13th, although in can vary depending on how the trip evolves.

Because of the problem with the border between Venezuela and Colombia they discarded the plan of reaching to Cejalito, Colombia, the village where Miss Sophia Müller started her ministry with the tribes of the area 70 years ago. Last year they couldn´t reach the village because Maracucho had to be pulled out of the jungle in an aircraft on emergency due to a health problem and he really wanted to go there this year, but it won´t be possible either. We pray he can go next year and spend some time with our fellow brothers and sisters in the jungle of Colombia too.

Specific Prayer Requests  –

The journey by boat – for protection from the river, the military and the guerrilla in the area.

Their health – We are in the rain season and illnesses like dengue and malaria are at its highest

The conference itself – that God may speak to the hearts of the people who will attend the conference and that they can go to their villages with a clear idea of what asks from the Christian family. Our fellow Christians in the jungle struggle between the Bible and their ancient mores. Please pray that they can stand firm in God´s Word.

Salvation – in all conferences people from different villages get together, believers and unbelievers. Let´s pray for souls coming to the feet of Christ.

The time in Sabanita encouraging pastor Camico.

The families of the missionaries – We wives and our children stay behind our men praying for them and taking care of everything back home while they are away. Pray for protection and provision while they are away and for our children´s hearts.

THANK YOU for being involved in God´s work in the Venezuelan Amazonia.

THANK YOU for upholding the basket – Acts 9:25

Content in His service,

Edurne Mencía de Nieves

2 Corintios 4:5 – For what we proclaim is not ourselves,  but Jesus Christ as Lord,  with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’  sake.

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